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Software as a Service Shipping. Innovating Delivery to Software as a Service markets for Grocery Stores and Local Retailers. Local same day delivery for your store pods into one integrated single payment SaaS that can be bought, sold or traded just like stocks.

Single SaaS App

Your Choice of one SaaS Ship app such as ShipsX or RoutesX.

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All SaaS Apps

Every SaaS Ship App including ShipsX, FrontsX, RoutesX and More.

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Products, services, and collaboration

  • 6+ Desktop and Mobile Apps including ShipsX, FrontsX, RoutesX, etc.
  • Collaboration across ShipsX, SeatsX, RoutesX, FrontsX and StreetLabsX
  • Asset storage, syncing, and sharing with 100 GB of cloud storage per user
  • GTFS Integration for fixed and dynamic routing over multi-mode and single payment

Management and deployment

  • Web-based Admin Console for assigning/reassigning licenses
  • Centralized IT deployment tools

Advanced asset protection and security

  • In-transit asset encryption
  • At-rest encrypted multi-tenant storage
  • User authentication with SeatsX ID
  • Corporate control of assets stored in the cloud
  • Asset sharing options controlled by the administrator

Dedicated help and support

  • 1:1 support sessions with product experts
  • Online tutorials
  • Advanced-level 24/7 tech support with dedicated phone line, plus email, chat, and forums

Payment options

  • Credit card, PayPal, or purchase order
  • Annual contract paid monthly or choose prepaid term from 1 to 3 years

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ShipsX Innovating Local Retail - Take back 20% to 50% market share with white label instant go store with FrontsX. Wow your customer with same day delivery with integrated ShipsX Communities

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Hope - A solution to reduce Green House Gas Emissions by 20% by 2020

A Speech to the United Nations by Gavin Simpson

www.seatsx.com - My proposed solution - The intersection of public policy and financial markets to fill empty transportation seats and reduce green house gas emissions by 20% by 2020

www.seatsx.org - Sign the green now pledge to ride in carpool, vanpool or public transportation once a week to be part of the solution.

www.seatsx.org/merch - Buy a Go Green America or Go Green Austin or Go Green NYC or Go Green [your city] T Shirt to show your support and commitment to Go Green Now and change the world by 2020.

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Contact Us

ShipsX, LLC
12335 Kingsride #418, Houston,
TX, 77024, US
P: (832) 916-2001



  • SeatsX - Mom
    ShipsX - Subhlaxmi Grocery

    Online says are growing at our best rates ever with delivery powered by ShipsX

  • Houston SeatsX Launch
    ShipsX - Hitachi Group

    ShipsX is an integrated exchange solution for buy/sell products. Well done.

About Us

SaaS Ship is based on non-walled garden open markets. ShipsX is the world's first and only forward market for SaaS Shipping services.

Throughout history, walled gardens result in monopolies and higher pricing for customers. Open exchange based markets result in many MaaS providers that increase competition and lower pricing.